Black vs White dress fashion, which one to choose?

Short black dresses and the loose white shirts are the most common dresses found in any women’s wardrobe. Both black and white dresses suit up for any skin tone and can be worn for any occasion, depending on what accessories are carried along. This article provides you more detailed review of when and how to choose black or white dress.

Short black dresses when chosen between white and black

Black and white are both classic colors that have always been modern and will be in the future. They are completely different and opposite but they are both elegant and feminine. Which one you should choose depends on the occasion, your preferences and also, on the weather outside.

When to Choose White?

White is the best color for the hot days. It will reject the sunlight and will keep your body relatively cool. Also, this is a very gentle color. I would prefer it for a date or a romantic evening. It is especially suitable if you have darker hair or skin because it makes a beautiful contrast. For me, I know that this is a color that really suits me because I have a dark hair.
White is very suitable for joyful events such as birthday parties, summer days at the seaside and so on. Of course, there are many people who go everywhere dressed in black, but for me white is much more suitable if you are going somewhere to have fun.

When to Choose Black?

This color is very suitable for everyday use because it does not get dirty in an obvious way. So, I prefer wearing black trousers or jeans when I am going in the mountain for an excursion or when I know that I will be outside the whole day and will be doing lots of thing. I cannot be careful all the time whether I am not going to sit on something dusty, lean on a dirty wall and so on. Also, I go to the fitness with black and lousy trousers or black leggings. This is a wonderful choice for exercising inside where there is no direct light.

Neiman Marcus says “Women who wear black live colourful lives”

On the other side, black is considered to be a very suitable color for official occasions. So, you might choose it for a business meeting, cocktail, for going to the theatre, etc. But I advise you to combine it with something lighter and more joyful. For example, you can choose for a meeting with a client black trousers and a blue blouse.

Black has one great advantage – it visually makes you look slimmer. That is why many people choose it but without thinking to combine it with something bright. As a result, you can see around you many people that look like they are going to a funeral. Do not do this. It is a good idea to put on a black blouse to hide your belly, or black trousers if you do not like your hips, but then combine them with something more colorful.

Black and White Combinations

This is the classics. This perfect combination is especially suitable for official occasions I have in my wardrobe the perfect black and white dress I feel comfortable it to wear it whenever I need to look really elegant – on important meetings, on anniversaries, weddings and so on. Also, it is not a coincidence that many employers insist that their employees wear a black skirt or trousers and a white shirt on official occasion. Also, many artists appear dressed like this on the scene. This is just a very elegant and official combination of clothes.

What Do You Need to Be Careful For?

When choosing between black and white, you need to have in mind a few important things. White is an extremely gentle color but it gets dirty easily and very obviously. So, if you go to an official and important event with a white blouse, for example, it is a good idea to have a spare one in your bag. Otherwise, you will feel pretty embarrassed, if you need to meet a respectful client or a partner with a stain on your clothes. This is why for such events it is safer to choose darker clothes and combine them with a light scarf, bag or shoes.

The problems with black are two – this color is not suitable for going outside in the hot days and it is not joyful and all. If you go outside in summer all dressed up in black, you risk getting overheated fast. This might be quite dangerous if you have a low or high blood pressure. Mine is low and if I put on something black in a hot day I will probably feel sick pretty fast. So, do not take such risks and leave the black clothes for cooler hours and days.

Black Is not a Party Color

Going to a party all dressed up in black is pretty strange for me. Yes, you might be a passionate rock fan or you may want to look slimmer but just add a bright accessory. It is easy to put a colorful ribbon, bracelet, nail polish, etc. Thus, you can wear your favourite black clothes and still look like you are going to a party, not to a funeral. For me, a party is the occasion to forget about my dark clothes and wear something colorful and really joyful. Even if you get a little dirty on a party with all that food and drinks everywhere, no one will actually care.

Always Fashionable

The good thing about these two colors is that they will always be fashionable. So, no matter the season and the fashion tendencies for this year, choosing black or white or the combination of the two colors will be always a great idea. Also, these colors can be combined with everything – red, blue, yellow, it does not matter. Just have in mind that it is better to combine a dark color with a brighter one.

Choosing between black and white is up to you. They are both fashionable, elegant and sexy colors, you just have to choose how to combine them. If you want to be really attractive, red is an extremely attractive color and it suits bot black and white very well.

Always have in mind the occasion when you choosing what to wear.
Sometimes it might not be reasonable to wear black or white. In most of the cases, however, these are the universal colors which will help you look in an elegant and stylish way.

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